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1What type of data source is supported?
LeapSignal is data-source independent, which means it support all data source.
2Do I need to expert in ETL, Data Warehousing ,Business Intelligence and Analytics to use Leapsignal
No you do not need to be an expert Data Scientist or BI expert to play with LeapSignal. This is a easy to use software which enables anyone to be Data Driven Expert.
3Will LeapSingal take away jobs of Big Data ,BI, Data Scientist & Analytics Professionals in future?
Leapsignal's vision is to empower anyone to be a data expert without the need of learning too much technical skills. Existing Data expert will become more productive using Leapsignal and will be able to deliver results faster to their organization.
4Does Leapsignal gather data from websites and social media pages
We are making Leap singnal to scrap web data so in-case if you need to run analytics on third party website data.

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